Welcome to I, Paleo. This blog is about how adopting a Paleo diet and exercise lifestyle helped me regain my health. When I started my journey in April 2011, I weighed 122kg (269 pounds) and had a belly circumference of 122cm (48 inches). I also had a variety of health problems, including eczema (ongoing for 5 years), acne (ongoing for 14 years), dental plaque, lethargy, joint pain (including a case of hallux limitus) and allergies. As of August 2012, and without counting calories, this is where I stand:

  • My weight is down to 98 kg (216 pounds). 
  •  My waist line is down to 98 cms (38.5 inches) 
  • My chronic eczema and acne have disappeared completely and with no medication 
  • My dental plaque, which used to come back within months of a clean-up at the dentist’s, has disappeared 
  • I have around 90% improvement with joint pain 
  • I have around 80% improvement with allergies 
  • I feel great 

So, what is the Paleo lifestyle, and why did it help me become so much better? Well, this is what I Paleo is all about. Here, I will share my ongoing journey to better health and my thoughts and experiments using this lifestyle. Thank you for reading, and good luck on your own health journey. I hope this website serves as a good source of inspiration. If you want to find out a bit more about me, here are a couple of links to my other blog that will give you some background:

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